254 Standard Colours

Colorful polyester embroidery thread is manufactured from OEKO-TEX approved, trilobal polyester yarn using new using new generation technology to produce high lustre, high sheen embroidery thread. This, combined with high strength and wash ability, makes Colorful the thread of choice for machine embroiderers.

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The thread colours are grouped according to our colour chart or our full range of 1000m colours at a glance

Available in 270 popular colours (including a neon, glow-in-the-dark and metallic range) in cone sizes 1000m and 4000m.

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Please note, as a result of monitor differences, the colours shown in the colour chart may not exactly match the colour of the cones of thread.

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Colorful 1000m Cone | Standard Black and White

C1180 Black
C1179 White
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 1

C1181 Natural White
C1182 Ivory
C1184 Sea Shell
C1132 Golden Tan
C1129 Tan
C1136 Ecru
C1130 Rattan
C1304 Taupe
C1133 Decorators Tan
C1134 Walnut
C1135 Carbondale
C1303 Brunwick Brown
C1337 Old Khaki
C1338 Rice Paper
C1186 Jungle Brown
C1300 Pistachio
C1301 Safari
C1302 Bali
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 2

C1138 Dark Caramel
C1139 Wicker
C1140 Coca Mulch
C1305 Amber Rust
C1157 Dark Rust
C1158 Venetian Brown
C1159 Cherry Wood
C1306 Hazel
C1307 Brown Stone
C1141 French Toast
C1142 Date
C1143 Sand Dune
C1144 Light Brown
C1161 Dark Brown
C1160 Coffee Bean
C1308 Sonesta Brown
C1162 Espresso
C1310 Mahogany
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 3

C1449 Coronation Gold
C1017 Shimmering Gold
C1018 Gold
C1187 Penny
C1406 Primedor
C1430 Chevot Gold
C1450 Terry Tan
C1224 Temple Gold
C1452 Lucrene
C1001 Eggshell
C1002 Celery
C1006 Lemon
C1007 Daffodil
C1005 Canary Yellow
C1008 Moon Beam
C1009 Star Gold
C1010 Wheat
C1183 Maize
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 4

C1011 Glow
C1405 Manila
C1404 Day Lilly
C1012 Visor Gold
C1219 Sun Flower
C1188 Golden Yellow
C1013 Caramel
C1014 Topaz
C1015 Bronze
C1030 Bisque
C1326 Opaline
C1040 Flesh Pink
C1233 Shangri La
C1042 Devilled Orange
C1043 Toast
C1189 Ashley Gold
C1190 Mango
C1191 Orange
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 5

C1044 Dark TexasOrange
C1333 Golden Orange
C1046 Grilled Orange
C1194 Saffron
C1047 Indian Summer
C1049 Foxy Red
C1050 Red
C1409 Oriental Poppies
C1334 Burnt Red
C1335 Scarlet Flame
C1328 Lipstick
C1438 Jockey Red
C1020 Winter Almond
C1032 Pink Pompas
C1022 Pink Sham
C1193 Pink
C1023 Dusty Rose
C1034 Scalloped Coral
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 6

C1024 Wild Romance
C1026 Ruby Glint
C1075 Russian Sage
C1145 Sterling
C1147 Pansy Purple
C1151 Passion Rose
C1153 New Berry
C1155 Rasberry Ice
C1156 Aubergine
C1229 Cabernet
C1232 Horizon Pink
C1234 Dancing Salmon
C1239 Dwarf Lilac
C1243 Carolina Red
C1329 Pink Heart
C1331 Wine
C1332 Maven Maud
C1437 Fantasia Pink
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 7

C1195 Arden Lavender
C1261 Poker Primrose
C1077 Jacaranda
C1078 Popular Purple
C1080 Purple
C1089 Plum
C1081 Tulip
C1262 Dark Melody
C1082 Vanessa Purple
C1083 Regal Purple
C1090 Purple Nights
C1085 Tulip Lavender
C1263 Livid Lavender
C1086 Nickel Blue
C1084 Purple Twist
C1203 Light Midnight
C1204 Navy
C1413 Fleet Blue
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 8

C1060 Paris Blue
C1197 Amanda Lavender
C1247 Deep Periwinkle
C1249 Imperial Blue
C1064 Cornflower Blue
C1253 China Blue
C1065 Blue
C1200 Regal Blue
C1201 Jay Blue
C1254 Sapphire
C1255 Sailor Blue
C1202 Blue Suede
C1066 Royal Blue
C1069 Blue Ink
C1325 Baltic Blue
C1068 Deep Blue
C1448 Blue Ribbon
C1070 French Navy
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 9

C1056 Dusty Blue
C1057 Sky Blue
C1062 Cristy Blue
C1250 Slate Blue
C1198 Ultra Blue
C1061 Powder Blue
C1063 Blue Yonder
C1248 Colonial Blue
C1067 Copen Blue
C1098 Peacock
C1199 Quarry Blue
C1270 Pillow Blue
C1059 Glacier Blue
C1095 Ocean
C1096 California Blue
C1097 Cerulean
C1108 Teal Blue
C1071 Venus Blue
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 10

C1091 Light Green
C1205 Alaska Sky
C1099 Nautical Teal
C1100 Blue Fringe
C1101 Marine Aqua
C1103 Blue Wisteria
C1266 Mint Julep
C1267 Green Pearl
C1276 Turquoise
C1275 Mystic Blue
C1274 Surf Blue
C1279 Teal ice
C1106 Sea Green
C1272 Gentle Nile
C1111 Green Oak
C1104 Sea Mist
C1113 Sea Glass
C1118 Spearmint
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 11

C1114 Peppermint
C1207 Green Forest
C1117 Fern Green
C1423 Fizzy Green
C1120 Fluorescent Green
C1124 Erin Green
C1125 Rolling Meadow
C1435 Bright Green
C1285 Grass Green
C1342 Kelly
C1115 Emerald
C1116 Dark Emerald
C1444 School Green
C1442 Conner Green
C1343 Green Petal
C1346 Bottle Green
C1290 Green Sail
C1347 Teal Appeal
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 12

C1109 Pastel Green
C1119 Lime
C1121 Pastoral Green
C1122 Daiqueri Ice
C1284 Green Dust
C1126 Green
C1446 Special Green
C1344 Harbour Green
C1403 Country Lane
C1016 Golden Slipper
C1221 Cone Green
C1460 Palmetto
C1172 Mosstone
C1330 Olive
C1294 Olive Drab
C1296 Dark Army Green
1297 Alpine Green
C1298 Castle Walk Green
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 13

C1110 Pale Green
C1169 Mint
C1168 Moss
C1170 Kiwi Green
C1282 Newport
C1288 Blue Grass
C1206 Limerick
C1340 Khaki Green
C1312 Silver
C1210 Titanium
C1212 Raindrop
C1211 Pebble Grey
C1165 Pearl Grey
C1421 Bellaire
C1167 Teardrop Grey
C1314 Melville
C1175 Otter Grey
C1318 Fairview Grey
R20.90 excl. VAT

Colorful 1000m Cone | Column 14

C1180 Black
C1179 White
C1455 Vasser Chic
C1324 Smokey
C1323 Granite
C1176 Blue Moon
C1319 Skylight
C1216 Gun Metal
C1177 Metal
C1321 Twilight
C1174 Grey Flannel
C1322 Silver Grey
C1213 Cinder
C1215 Storm Grey
C1317 Cloud
C1164 Saturn Grey
C1311 Chromed Silver
C1178 Charcoal
C1456 Aged Charcoal
R20.90 excl. VAT