Colorful 750m Glow In The Dark Thread

Indulge in any of our 5 exciting, coloured threads that actually glow in the dark when exposed to light!

Made to the exacting standards of Colorful thread, this 100% polyester thread is combined with ‘glowing agent’ to produce a photo luminescent embroidery thread. When exposed to as little as 15mins of natural light the thread glows in the dark. Glow in the dark thread Is fully washable and colourfast. It is a slightly thicker denier than our standard colours so depending on preference a larger needle is recommended and a reminder to set your machine at a slower speed. This product is ideal for baby or nursery items, security companies, mining, night clubs, sporting events and band performances.

Cone size: 750m

Thread Thickness: 150 D/2 Denier

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Please note, as a result of monitor differences, the colours shown in the colour chart may not exactly match the colour of the cones of thread.

Colorful Glow In The Dark Embroidery Thread

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Colorful 750m Glow In The Dark

C1850 Glow White
C1855 – Glow Pink/Red
C1860 - Glow Yellow
C1865 – Glow Green
C1870 Glow Blue
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