Speciality Backing

Embroidery Warehouse offers an exciting range of Speciality Backings and Toppings. This range of products provides solutions for the more challenging embroidery applications.

EW backing products are manufactured to the highest international standard available – OKEO–TEX Standard 100.
The range is broadly categorised as follows:

  • Avalon
  • Avalon Plus
  • Soft Tear Away
  • Perforated Backings
  • Heat Film
  • EVA Foam (Puffy)
  • Fusible Backings & Interlinings
  • Applique Paper
  • Glitterflex
  • The Backing Essentials Pack

ROLL SIZES : Large (1m x 100m) / Medium (50cm x 50m) / Small (30cm x 25m)

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Embroidery backing

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